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Keep track of all your maintenance activities from inventory management to recall, through records and performance dashboards. Our advanced notification system lets you know maintenance needs to be performed so your assets are kept in perfect working order.

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Toolbox Topics

Toolbox talks are an easy way for supervisors to supplement OSHA training efforts. These are short pre-written safety meetings designed to heighten employee awareness. Simpletrak can create any Toolbox topic you want. Adding our Content Library will give you access to many popular Toolbox Talk topics.

Toolbox Talks

When a Toolbox Talk is in progress you can do the following:


 Take attendance
✓ Meeting length
✓ Setup reoccurrence

✓ Take notes

✓ Add attachments


See all your Toolbox Talk data in one convenient page. With this page you can quickly see:


 Open Toolbox Talks 
 Scheduled Toolbox Talks
 Topics Discussed
 Visual Data

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