Continual Improvement

Continuously analyze your safety performance through fact based data. This app will address root causes and process weaknesses as soon as they are identified. Encourage changes that will lead to long term process improvements. Find the road blocks that are preventing your organization from achieving its health and safety goals.

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Risk Analysis

The Continual Improvement module of Simpletrak will calculate the risk for each Continual Improvement you create. Not only that, it will calculate the severity and give you a recommended action.

Create Improvement

The Continual Improvement Interview walks you through the important details of creating the improvement so that nothing of importance is missed.


Once the Continual Improvement is completed you can mark it as effective or ineffective. This allows the system to learn what works and what does not work.


See all your Health and Safety Continual Improvements in one convenient view. From here you can see:


Open Continual Improvements
 Past Due Continual Improvements
 Open Tasks 

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