The Testing feature in Simpletrak changes the way you take and create tests. Add images, documents and videos to your tests to take the learning experience to a new level.

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Creating Tests

Making a test can be as easy or as complex as you want the test to be. Select the type of test, write a short description and put in the passing score. 

Adding Attachments

Instead of the usual paper tests, make your tests come alive by adding attachments to it.

Add images, videos and documents to enhance the test taking experience.

Taking A Test

Simpletrak’s elegant user interface makes test taking not only easy, but aesthetically pleasing. The testing app comes equipped with the following question types.


 True or False

 Multiple Choice

 Write In 

Learning Center

The Learning Center is Simpletrak’s central hub for your testing needs:


Take tests assigned to you 
 View test materials
 Print certificates
 Look at testing history


Dashboards and KPIs

Quickly access testing information from the testing dashboard. Here you can see open tests, past due tests and what user needs to take those tests. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, when you enter an item into the calibration inventory, simply select that item to be used to calibrate other tools. When you record your calibration results, the tools identified will display for you to select them to maintain complete traceability.

Yes, you can when creating the calibration record simply, use the upload file button to attach and maintain any document associated with that record.

Yes, calibration specifications or work instructions can be created in the calibration spec library. Once you create your document, you can link the instruction directly to each devise when adding into inventory. This instruction will then display as part of the calibration record for complete traceability.

No problem, simply make the device inactive in the calibration inventory screen.

Yes, you can categorize all your devises however you like. Once your have created your categories, simply apply the specific category to the devise when you add that devise to your inventory. All devise then can be searched or filtered by these categories for easy recall.

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