The Simpletrak Environmental platform improves environmental performance and assists your organization in achieving its environmental goals.  The Environmental platform proactively reduces risks and improves environmental practice for employees and the public.  Examine environmental impacts, monitor progress, and establish employee awareness and competence. The Environmental platform is a powerful tool for reducing waste without sacrificing resources.

Check Sheets

Keep track of your safety training with the latest Health and safety topics.

Corrective Actions

Set objectives and plans to reduce and prevent environmental hazards.

Continual Improvements

Routinely evaluate the effectiveness of your environmental training.

Advanced Notifications

Get notified as soon as the latest hazards are identified.

A Powerful Environmental System

The Simpletrak Environmental Platform  recognizes processes, products, and services that have crucial impact to the environment. Assign roles and responsibilities to achieve environmental objectives.  Evaluate and minimize risks which translate into real cost svings.

What's Included

Check Sheet

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Corrective Action

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Continual Improvement

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Environmental Team

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Add the environmental Content Library

The Environmental content library supplies you with an extensive collection of the latest environmental regulations and the tools you will need to achieve compliance.

More about Simpletrak Environmental

Simpletrak is highly configurable – it can be set up to match your process flow and operations. Our dynamic, data driven A.I. setup wizard asks you all the questions about your business, and automatically creates the right system for you.

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Our Apps talk to each other, so you are not wasting time constantly filling out the same information over and over again. Our goal is efficiency.

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Simpletrak has been rigorously designed to work with all devices. Our cloud platform uses the latest technology to guarantee 100% uptime. So when we say you can access Simpletrak from anywhere and anytime, you truly can. 

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Simpletrak offers a variety of add ons and personalized services tailored to you. You have the option for a 1 year contract paid over the year in monthly installments, or you can pay it all up front.

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