Incident Reports

Simpletrak's Incident Report provides a process in which an incident can be corrected in order to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Simpletrak will document these incidents which will allow your organization to track patterns, notice trends, and discover anomalies.

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Custom Settings

Create shift, location, topic, and injury level codes so when it comes time to create an incident report, you can stay consistent with your data and be finished it just a few clicks. 

Create an Incident

The Incident Report interview process makes capturing the right data simple. Walk through each step of the incident so you can have the peace of mind that no detail was missed. Simpletrak will give you the tools to help prevent the incident from happening again.


The Incident Report module will create a detailed Risk Report made for your company to distinguish problem areas and shine light on processes that need fixing. 


With the Incident Report Simpleview you can quickly see:


 Open incidents 
 Recent Incidents
 Total Injuries
 Total incidents
 Risks identified  


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, when you enter an item into the calibration inventory, simply select that item to be used to calibrate other tools. When you record your calibration results, the tools identified will display for you to select them to maintain complete traceability.

Yes, you can when creating the calibration record simply, use the upload file button to attach and maintain any document associated with that record.

Yes, calibration specifications or work instructions can be created in the calibration spec library. Once you create your document, you can link the instruction directly to each devise when adding into inventory. This instruction will then display as part of the calibration record for complete traceability.

No problem, simply make the device inactive in the calibration inventory screen.

Yes, you can categorize all your devises however you like. Once your have created your categories, simply apply the specific category to the devise when you add that devise to your inventory. All devise then can be searched or filtered by these categories for easy recall.

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