Safety Check Sheets

A Health and Safety Check Sheet is a tool used to reinforce workplace safety practices. Performing regular inspections using Simpletrak's Safety Check Sheets is a pro-active approach to preventing work related incidents and injuries. With Simpletrak's Content Library, our templates will help your organization comply with safety rules and regulations.

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Creating a Template

With Simpletrak’s Content Library, you will have access to a growing database of Health & Safety Checksheet Templates.

Add A Step

Add custom steps to your check sheets to make it fit with what your organization is trying to achieve.

Using The Check Sheet

Once the Check Sheet is set up, it is time to start using it. Select the Check Sheet you want to use and Simpletrak will make it easy for you to complete. Just click yes or no for each step and then add your notes or risk.


The Check Sheet Simpleview allows you to have a quick overview of where all of your check sheets are at the given moment.


Quickly access your Check Sheets to complete them or assign them to someone else.



Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, you can when creating the calibration record simply, use the upload file button to attach and maintain any document associated with that record.

Yes, calibration specifications or work instructions can be created in the calibration spec library. Once you create your document, you can link the instruction directly to each devise when adding into inventory. This instruction will then display as part of the calibration record for complete traceability.

No problem, simply make the device inactive in the calibration inventory screen.

Yes, you can categorize all your devises however you like. Once your have created your categories, simply apply the specific category to the devise when you add that devise to your inventory. All devise then can be searched or filtered by these categories for easy recall.

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