Content Library

The Content Library is the perfect companion to the Quality Management System. Don't waste days, weeks, months, or even years trying to set up your Quality Management System. With the Content Library, everything is set up with just a few clicks.

This is what is included

Job Descriptions

Get job descriptions that fit your industry and are fully developed with job duties and training requirements. 

Training Library

The training library for the QMS comes with a full spectrum of training tests and training materials right out of the box. You won’t have to waste your time crafting tedious tests and training requirements. We have already done it for you.

Documentation Package

The documentation package of the content library spotlights the fully interactive Document Wizard. This is not a just a document that was copied and pasted into your system. This is a fully fledged A.I. analyzing your data creating a document package that fits your company.

Start Using Simpletrak

Get Simpletrak today and get up and running within minutes of signing up. 

Once you answer a few questions from our setup wizard, Simpletrak will create a fully functioning system for you with a document package already created for your business.